We produce your stories, but we also scout locations, direct, shoot, and oversee all aspects of post-production on your behalf. As a small production company, Dace & Mohr remains approachable while offering decades of experience creating and managing creative teams scalable to the needs of our local, national and international clients. You can rely on us and in the end we think you’ll also like us.


Nicole Kidman

We had the chance to sit down with the beautiful Nicole Kidman and capture some great candid shots.


Florida Georgia Line

We love working with the guys in Florida Georgia Line. We recently created magazine spreads for their latest tour.


Dace & Mohr has delivered creative projects for hundreds of clients. We’ve overseen  production of hundreds of music videos, commercials, documentary shorts, and network projects, and we’ve produced dozens of photo shoots and live show as well. 

Music Videos

We bring a director’s eye for detail to the business of music video production, going the extra mile to facilitate your creative vision. Dace & Mohr has produced more than 500 music videos in the last ten years (also directing and shooting many of them, including Rascal Flatts, Kris Allen, and the CMT Video of the Year for 2014: Done, by the Band Perry. 


If you want help selling your product or idea, our strength is in our approach. We set out to tell a compelling story that does the selling for you. We work with you to translate your belief in your product into an authentic and creative form.


Print is a great way to get your message out there. There is a myth that says print is dead but according to our print campaigns they are alive and well!

Your New Best Friends In Nashville & Beyond

No matter what manner of project you bring us, our goal is to create a production culture that is relational, approachable, creative, and professional. We pride ourselves on being able to blend seamlessly into your team and represent you well. Dace & Mohr can even lose our own name and become your public face, interfacing with your clients on your behalf for the duration of your project. We’re good at becoming you and making your company look good. We know that if we keep your clients happy, we keep you happy.

Producing & More

We’re here to oversee any and all aspects of your production. Tell us what you need, and we’ll step in. We can handle the budgeting, the scheduling, the casting, the talent, the crew, and anything else you need. If you’re shooting in the Nashville area, we can even location scout. We’ve been in this business for more than twenty-five years. Our greatest asset is our extensive network of relationships with talent and crew in every facet of production. When you hire us, you instantly gain the benefits of that reputation.

Directing & More

Need us to go beyond just producing your vision and create it as well? No problem. We’re always eager to step into the director’s role. Dace & Mohr has directed hundreds of projects for our clients. We were directors before we were producers, so artistry is our first instinct. We’ll never step on the toes of your existing team members, but if you give us the go ahead, we’ll take the creative lead and deliver a piece that is distinct and engaging.

Shooting & More

When it comes to the eye behind the camera, we’ll choose personnel with the perfect style to complement your story. We can go edgy, or gorgeously cinematic, or start and lyrical. We work with some of the most talented relative shooters in the country, providing you the best options based on your project and budget.